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This is a picture during the 4th of July in Jonesport on Ossie Beal's boat with Clayton L. Coffin.
This is a picture during the 4th of July in Jonesport on Ossie Beal’s boat with Clayton L. Coffin.

Welcome to East Side Boat Shop’s website!  We are proud to be the new home of the 41′ Libby Boat built by Ernest Libby Jr. (father),  and sons Norman Sr., Glenn, Ivan, and LeBaron.  We also have exciting news, we will be offering a lengthened and widened version of the 41′ Libby, and will be known as the 47′ Libby!  Due to the high demand for bigger and faster boats, Frank has made this option possible for Libby boat lovers and for those who want to try something new with a name that truly lives up to its reputation.  Libby boats are known from Down East Maine to across the United States.

We are located on the east side of Machiasport, 620 Cutler Road, which is only minutes from East Machias.  Frank has been a lobster fisherman for many years, with that comes the knowledge of what a good working boat needs to have. He was born and raised in Bucks Harbor, Maine where the lobstering industry was already born into his blood. He comes from a long blood line of lobster fishermen, from Bucks Harbor to Jonesport to Beals Island, Maine.

Clayton Coffin (father) on the left and his uncle Craig Rumery on the right working on Ossie Beal's (grandfather) boat in the Spring of 1980.
Clayton Coffin (father) on the left and his uncle Craig Rumery on the right working on Ossie Beal’s (grandfather) boat in the Spring of 1980.

Unfortunately, as many of you know, Frank lost his father at quite a young age (early teens) to cancer.  As Frank’s craft and love for boat building grew in his teens, sadly we didn’t have many or any pictures including them.  He was very fortunate to have the time he did with his father Clayton L. Coffin and grandfather Ossie Beal for the many special momentous milestones in his early life.

These were just some of the fondest pictures of his father Clayton L. Coffin with his grandfather Ossie.  They both played a huge role in his career paths chosen to this very day, and he is very grateful for the time and memories he shared with them both.



This is a special picture for Frank, this was his gramp Ossie Beal (standing on the left) from Beals Island, Maine…who was always supportive and proud of Frank’s accomplishments! Mr. Richmond is on the right.

Frank’s Marine Voc. Ed. Class in 1991 with Mr. Richmond.



Pulling the 18′ Eastporter out of the mold.
Showing the inside of the boat.


There it is out of the mold!









While he was in high school his father passed, leaving his son Frank, a 32′ wooden

lobster boat that Clayton (father) and his brother David Coffin fished out of.

After graduating high school he fished the 18′ Eastporter, and he used that for several years.

The 31′ RP Kit that Frank bought, finished himself, and then the second picture is of the 31′ RP finished and ready to be launched.









Frank lobster fished out of this very boat for a couple years until his big leap to go bigger……

We are honored to be working with Norman Libby Sr., and his family in hopes to keep the Libby boat heritage alive.  When Frank built his first ever 41 Libby boat F/V MandaLynn in 2009, Norman watched Frank while he worked on it.  Norman said “he knew he had a gift, he says you know when someone has that special talent or not, and even when Frank didn’t know I was watching I was quite impressed with his knowledge and skill of boat building.”  “He has an eye for detail, and that is not something you learn.”  Frank launched the 41′ Libby F/V MandaLynn

Frank's 41' Libby...he bought the kit and finished the boat himself with the help of his sternman Lee Gardner.
Frank’s 41′ Libby…he bought the kit and finished the boat himself with the help of his sternman Lee Gardner.

in 2010, where he found a new found love and appreciation for the Libby boats.  Since then he has fished with this boat, observing what he would or could do with a longer and wider version of the 41′.  Asking Norman many times about doing a larger boat, Norman simply stated “I can’t do it, it would be a lot of work, and I am too old.”  Frank indeed does have an eye for detail and had envisioned this Libby boat lengthened and widened for quite some time.  He never drew it out or wrote it down, he honestly had it filed in his memory and kept it there until the time arose to make  his vision a reality. In the Spring of this year 2016 Frank finally made the leap, and Norman supported Frank’s vision.  Frank purchased the 41 Libby mold, and Norman gave him his blessing but not without offering his help or knowledge on anything during the process. In which at any time they are men of their word, Norman and his brothers have supported and given advise throughout the whole project.  Frank will forever be in there debt, for trusting him with their father’s heritage, and also their knowledge on this big undertaking.


When the plug for the 47′ was finished Norman was shocked, he said “Frank, I honestly didn’t know if you could do this, not because you didn’t have the skill to do it, but because it was such a big undertaking…..but by god, you have done it!”  Frank mentioned that he will always remember the look on Norman’s face, proud and so honored that Frank followed through with the expansion of the 41′ that Norman and his father Ernest had made together.  Norman looked the plug all over and said “Well Frankie, what are you going to name her?”  Frank didn’t even hesitate, “A Libby of course, she started out from a Libby and I would to keep that heritage alive.”  To this day Norman is proud and honored.  Frank is a perfectionist when it comes to detail and is in the process of finishing the mold.  He wants to make sure this 47′ lives up to the Libby boat reputation and carry it on from the generations to come!

Keep an eye on our website as we will be updating pictures of the new and upcoming 47 Libby boat!